Miss u

I Really miss you babe!!! For the bottom of my heart…. you Say you are doing this for Me, for my Good??? I know you are Really carring for Me!!!!Why instead of going Away you will try more getting Close??? I Really want you here in my bed in the morning!!!! Please don’t go Away for my Good, be here for my happiness and health… i Said last night before going back to bed ” welcome depression” cause No chance to Say „welcome my love”!!!!! I still have faith, i’m still here Waiting… Why the fuck for you is better Like this???? You are my all, my everything!!!!! Time will cure my hearth????!!!! I don’t need That time When i already found you, my soul mate… stop the pain and come back… i will Really be the happiest Girl alive… come here, i trust you with my heart.!!!!i don’t live without you, i just exist!! I just Breath the air!!I feel alone, empty and without purpose.. i lost all, i lost myself cause i lost you… in such Short time you became my universe, my all, my live, my reason to Smile and to be strong!!my dreams came true.. i found you… Now my nightmare is alive in every second!!!! Come and help Me wake up!!

I’m worried That you again will ignore my heart and my cry for help… this is the best for Me… the worse for Me, the best for you… that’s the sadest think in my world…

i would Like to spend my life with you.. and for straters just a night in That magica place from the picture…

You are Such a great MAN babe, handsome, Smart, carring, loving heart..

My eyes are Now always sad, tears are always falling… i don’t know from where They are still coming, Why are not drying…

If you want to be just friends, i will my best to not show What is inside my heart, every vibe, every intense desire, every need for a touch, for a hug, for a kiss… i will do it babe eventhoug i will cry until i will fall to sleep.. i will encourage you to meet girls, to make a life with them, to be happy my soul!! If That is What you need!!

If you are not going to london for your bday, Wanna go here?? As friends:(


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